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airport body scan search

In a story we first talked about in June 2008, the reality has finally arrived. On your next trip through airport security, you can show it all off.

The first test run of full body scanners is underway in Salt Lake City. The scanner operator looks at you as if you were naked, because to them you are. Hung like a horse or hung like a pony, they will soon know if you are bragging or not. For the women, the operators will know exactly just how much padding you have in your bra, because what they will see is the real you.

So now lets think about this a moment, political correctness does not let us make reference to a persons body when we are with them, but in this case that is what it is all about. A complete stranger who is not a medical doctor will be looking at your body like it or not.

The photo provided was one that made it semi acceptable by blanking out the face. The reality is, that will not be the case and they will see your face if they want to and store that image on the machines hard drive. The face blur is an added feature that can be turned off and rest assured someone will.

The question remains of how long it will take before some devious person taps the hard drives of these machines and suddenly new voyeur websites appear on the Internet with your naked body front and center. Connecting the Dots would say not too long. For the most part body searches were private, but now it will be just a few clicks away once you know what website to go to.

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