Staying young Part 3

As you saw in part 2 how important it is to keep your body from producing the hormones associated with aging, equal effort should be made on producing hormones that keep you young. Those hormones are tied to youthful activities often found between the sheets.

Sexual activity is simply one of the best ways to stay young. The more hormones your body produces associated with youth, the younger you stay. This is not rocket science, it is a simple biological fact.

Looking at the facts, stress and anxiety tend to make people lose interest in sex. The hormones associated with stress cancel out the hormones for sexual activity. That is why if you go to a Clinical hypnotherapist who deals in sexual issues for erectile dysfunction, part of the therapy involves learning stress and anxiety management. When you learn to manage stress and anxiety it is easier to get an erection. If your stress is too high, even the blue wonder Viagra does not work.

A man at 50 that is sexually active produces more testosterone than a man who is 35 and not sexually active. Dopamine and endorphins are also associated with sexual activity and youth, where adrenaline is associated with stress and hyper alertness. You can look around the office and see who looks more youthful and who looks grumpy and miserable. By the same note you can tell who is sexually active and who is not.

That grumpy and miserable attitude is busy flooding their body with hormones that promote ageing. Perhaps that is natures way of more quickly correcting a mistake. So it becomes very important to be as positive as possible in every aspect of your life to stay young not only in stress management and sexual activity, but in seeking out the positive.

Unfortunately as it would be, political correctness promotes stress and premature ageing along with it. The minefield and egg shells associated with political correctness just eat away at a person’s life span. So not only is political correctness undesirable, it makes you age. If you recall in part 1 how American Presidents age at twice the normal speed, ask yourself how much of that is associated with political correctness.

So to sum it up, the fountain of youth is right in front of you. All you need do is learn how to operate it by managing your stress and turning off those hormones associated with aging, and open the valve wide with the hormones associated with youth.

Connecting the Dots highly recommends that you give serious thought to all of this. The world is turning into a more stressful place each passing year. Global warming will soon place new stress on all of us as nature starts to bring balance by thinning the herd of humans. Making use of hypnosis to stop or reduce the flow of ageing hormones, and sexual activity to increase the flow of youthful hormones is a no brainer when it comes right down to it. In each case we need to step out of our hectic lives to reset and not burn up in the fire we created for ourselves. When we can do that, our lives will be so much better as we learn to reconnect with ourselves.

One Response to Staying young Part 3

  1. Gary Henderson says:

    Very good point, I have read so much about how stress makes you old. I am glad someone has finally developed a program directly targeting the aging factors associated with stress. I guess my next trip to Thailand will involve seeing the clinical hypnotherapist you talked to.