Still not working for the people

It is hard to think that after more than a year, some elected members of Parliament have yet to do anything for Thailand. Even after their party was dissolved and they formed under another name, their labors have been self serving with little or nothing for Thailand unless by chance it happened to help them too.

If you have not guessed already, Connecting the Dots is referring to political parties that are devoted to the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. It started when the People Power Party (PPP) came to power, and has now flowed to the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) after the PPP was dissolved.

Even the censure debate they called to attack the democrats was to serve them and not the country. Virtually non of what they said at the debate had anything at all to do with the democratic government being corrupt, it all could have been classified as personal attacks to attempt to sway votes in the future. One of the prerequisites for such a debate is having some evidence that meets the criteria. The fact is all they said is we have it and will present it was just a ruse to get the debate to go on. In fact had they been required to disclose all materials to the house speaker, there is a strong chance the debate would have never happened for failing to meet the requirements as outlined by parliament procedures. Much if not all of what the PTP had to say was simply opinions without fact or evidence to support it.

Getting back on topic, it is clear now that the PTP have no intention or no ability to do work for the country. That does bring up some other issues putting them in the hot seat of sorts. Come next election time, it will be a strong tool for politicians who oppose the PTP to point out that voting for manikins would benefit Thailand equally as well as the PTP. It also opens some doors for problems for them should they be attacked for failure to do their job.

Where the PTP go from here is difficult to say as they have seemingly spent their load with this censure debate. Any dirt that they may have had has promptly been used up. The only thing Connecting the Dots can see as a possibility is they will continue to make up stories to try to tarnish the democrats, but already they are seen as The Boy that cried wolf. They have caused a lot of damage to themselves in this attempt to take down the democrats. It is difficult to even think of a metaphor that accurately describes it. The closest we can come up with is something that Darwin’s theory of evolution will soon deal with. It is very clear the democrats are moving Thailand into a new era of politics, and what can not adapt will become extinct.

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