Thaksin’s other hand

As it would seem, the media is reporting that some in the Thai government have come to the same conclusion as Connecting the Dots about potential Thaksin incited violence in the next red shirt rally. Considering other items in the news about Thaksin in recent days, this rally may simply turn out to be a diversion.

With Thaksin’s popularity slipping significantly in the polls, the sense of desperation is becoming increasingly apparent. The most recent poll showed Thaksin’s popularity to be in the 23% range, and that is a far cry from where it was just a few months ago. There is no doubt the democrats are gaining ground.

The fact that Thaksin has made more phone-ins in recent days to a variety of places to gather as many supporters as possible in Bangkok, clearly shows a full on push to rally big numbers to attend. The more of Thaksin supporters in Bangkok, the more eyes will be watching, and that includes top military brass.

The other news in recent days was about a potential Thaksin staged coup attempt, and if there was ever a time to try and pull it off, it would be during the rally. A significant number of troops will be deployed to the rally, leaving the barracks on the lean side.

There is still a significant number of people in the military who are still loyal to Thaksin, and what they will be doing during the rally needs to be closely observed. Connecting the Dots has no idea where they are in their present assignment, but we can clearly see a potential of a coup during this distraction.

Thaksin has made sure as many players are watching the rally as possible. He has brought up the privy counsel again in efforts to distract them. He has cited a so called conspiracy to oust him from office. Although in reality this for the most part is ancient history as there have now been 4 Prime Ministers after Thaksin. It is like still arguing over an umpire call for the 1999 World Series, in short who cares the game is over.

These are all actions consistent with a ruse, and a Thaksin lead coup is by no means beyond Thaksin psychotic ego.

Other factors to consider that are prompting Thaksin to act sooner than later have to do with his mobility. There are talks underway on extradition treaties, and with Thaksin’s overt attacks, it does provide both an excuse and incentive to revoke Thaksin’s passport. Before Connecting the Dots cited fairness and the need to pull all fugitive passports. However the other fugitives are not attacking, so as long as Thaksin is attacking, the Thai government can single him out and pull his passport without showing bias. As long as the Thai government follows up with the statement that the other fugitive passport revocations are in the works, there will be no valid argument against singling out Thaksin.

Connecting the Dots suggests a precautionary stocking of Mama noodles for the next few days. Simply because if a coup is staged, it will not be bloodless as the last.

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