Red River Rescue

As our readers know, we like to point out special people. We call them shining stars. We had a similar story to this one last year. However if you read on you will discover an unfortunate truth behind this selfless act of so many.

The Red river is expected to crest at record highs nearly double flood stage, and literally thousands of people have come to Fargo North Dakota to build sandbag walls to hold back the wrath of nature. The flood will exceed the 100 year flood. They have come from hours away, and even some students gave up their spring break to help in the effort.

Needless to say this does restore your faith in humanity after hearing so much dismal news of late. And Connecting the Dots salutes you and your efforts, as we offer you our shining star.

The unfortunate side of all of this is we will be seeing more and more of this as time goes on. This flood is part of extreme weather that is tied to global warming. What is a hundred year flood will become a decade flood, and so on.

We do not wish to tarnish the moment of this shining star, but we do feel the need to point out what and why this is going on. It is possible what we are calling a shining star today, could some day be just routine in the years to come as we fight against the wrath of nature and the effects of global warming.

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