Thaksin searching for a flash point

After priming the air with several false allegations about people that would cause high emotions,  It is now obvious Thaksin is searching for a flash point outside of Bangkok to start a civil war. Needless to say this is just one cluster of dots Connecting the Dots has been talking about over the past few days that will bring together the big picture.

Consider the following posts, “Thaksin seeking violent confrontation” and “Thaksin’s other hand” and you begin to see a strategy here that is working on 2 fronts.

It is a given that The Government will do it’s best to keep violence from happening in Bangkok, but far away in other provinces, the governments grip is not that tight. The chances of preventing violence are less in rural Thailand. Finding a governor who has a shorter fuse and more willing to take a swing will be easier for Thaksin. It also becomes more difficult to keep opposing groups apart should there be a sense of Thaksin succeeding.

That will cause the military to be deployed around the country exposing Bangkok for a coup. The military that is now deployed in Bangkok around the government house do not carry weapons, they carry riot gear if they are following the procedures. So should there be any want to be coup maker in the military, the battle is half won already as the soldiers that would protect the government are now deployed and are unarmed. One other consideration too is the Prime Minster is set to go to London for the G20 summit in the morning making a takeover that much easier.

All Connecting the Dots is doing is connecting the dots for you, and what we see is Thaksin is setting the stage for a takeover with a little divide and conquer. He knows his chances are slim under any other path.

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