Thaksin reads Connecting the Dots

Here at Connecting the Dots we have the ability to see where our readers come from. Based on what we see, we highly suspect Thaksin is a reader.

Our logic is this, we get virtually no readers from Dubai as nobody there seems to care much about Thailand and what Thaksin is doing. But we see a few reads from there on Thaksin related posts when Thaksin is suspected of being there.

With that thought we will say little more than if you have personal words for Thaksin pro or con, please make use of the comments box below. We will monitor each comment to see that it stays within our posting rules.

Don’t forget to tell a friend about this chance to personally tell Thaksin what you think about him.

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One Response to Thaksin reads Connecting the Dots

  1. When a leader says ‘your province gave me the most votes so I’ll develop this place first’.. Is that democracy?

    When a leader hold up those two signs for the reporters — one with a tick and another with a cross, which he meant to ‘distinguish’ the ‘contructive’ questions from the not, and refuses to answer the ones that he thinks are not constructive.. Is that democracy?

    When a leader says ‘Just listen to me and you’ll be ok’.. Is that democracy?