Thaksin pushing for deeper divide

Thaksin has started naming groups of people as ‘not truly for the people’ to identify the enemy. Needless to say it now leaves little doubt Thaksin looks to take it all back and then some.

This is nothing new, Connecting the Dots has been saying this right along. What is new is Thaksin is now naming certain class groups of people as his enemy. We did comment a few posts ago that given enough time Thaksin will name everyone. So now he has named the middle class as not being truly for the people. This us them and not Thai approach is clearly pushing for conflict. It shows Thaksin will go after anyone and everyone who disagrees with him. If this sounds familiar, it is the voice of a dictator, just look at Burma.

Even the Privy counsel has spoken up about Thaksin, and for them to do so says that at least they feel there is a threat to the Monarchy. According to ‘The Nation’, it is a rare event for them to speak up.

Quoting The Nation;

Meanwhile a privy councillor accused Thaksin of trying to overthrow the monarchy.

Privy councillor General Pichitr Kullavanijaya called on the authorities to take action, saying that the government was “a bit too slow” in dealing with the matter.

The rare political remark by the privy councillor came as the ruling Democrat Party expected Thaksin to tone down his attacks on certain royal advisers following a meeting with someone he respects.

Connecting the Dots agrees with the Privy counsel that the government has been too slow to deal with Thaksin. The approach of let democracy work certainly works fine when dealing with most. Buy clearly Thaksin is acting psychotic and expecting him to follow the norms is just a delusion in fantasy, just ask any psychiatrist.  Even an animal lover will find it in themselves to put down a rabid animal.

The fact that Thaksin flatly turned down any proposed negotiation was something we suspected would happen but did not have time to comment on. Any negotiation would simply stand in the way of Thaksin’s goal of ruling Thailand, and that goal being the same as it has always been. This further supports how psychotic Thaksin is acting and that the norms will not work or apply.

In this case Thaksin’s call for a revolution is clearly a call to arms, and looking to incite violence. Most countries have laws about that. These are all tools of the law that can shut down Thaksin’s broadcasts. If there is a fear of bloodshed, then the government has a moral and ethical footing to stand on. There is no doubt Thaksin’s red shirt army is violent, so there would be little argument from anyone except the red shirts. If the government can’t shut Thaksin’s broadcasts off at the source, then they can certainly impound the broadcast receiving equipment at the rally site. However for this to happen properly, the courts must be involved.

The next several days will be critical to the survival of Thailand being a democratic country. If Thaksin ever gets the upper hand, you can erase the border between Burma and Thailand as there will be no difference. The government has the responsibility to act to protect the Monarchy and the country. To let this linger much longer will most certainly have a negative effect on tourism in Thailand. We talked about treason a few posts ago, it certainly looks like that is turning out to be yet another of our accurate predictions.

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  1. Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

  2. “Change’ is coming soon, I can almost smell it! But for the better or worse I’m not so sure right now. I only hope the ‘price’ will not be higher than it already is.

    Media is obviously the most effective tool today but, unfortunately for this country, Abhisit never really saw it that way. What a pity..