Thaksin’s party will be pointer

After the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra’s attempt at overthrowing the government for the most part did a crash and burn, people will be looking for signs as to what his next move will be. They do not have to look very far, the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) will be the compass as to what Thaksin plans next.

For the most part at the moment the PTP is like a dog without a master. They were already showing some signs of wear and tear as some did not have the stomach for what Thaksin was dishing out. How things will play out next in the Thai political arena is anyone’s guess. Considering that Thaksin is undeniably more of a criminal now than he was before the raid on the Asean Summit in Pattaya, guilt by association now could be fatal for the PTP.

Consider that there was no hiding the fact the PTP, and the red shirts all were and still are tied to Thaksin, one can not help but see this dance with the devil may have ended their political carriers. Because of the deep divide Thaksin caused in Thailand, the rift may be too big to cross. Meaning they probably will not be forgiven anytime soon if at all.

So getting back on topic, this bunch who have the audacity to call themselves politicians will do as they always do, and that is do what is best for them and forget about anyone else. If Thaksin has somehow convinced them the game is still in play, then there will be little change in how they act. They will still be hell bent on getting back into power. If they conclude that the time of Thaksin is past, and a new dark leader must be selected, they will star to show allegiance to who they feel is best.

All things considered the PTP is Thaksin’s ‘C’ team, and they just may need to wait until June 1, 2012 when the ban on politics ends for Thaksin’s ‘A’ team. The PTP has proven to be completely dysfunctional and certainly may have accidently contributed to the crash and burn of Thaksin’s ‘Do it yourself Coup’ with a red shirt army.

Connecting the Dots does not want to make any predictions at this time as there is still a lot of dust in the air. With Thaksin’s passport now revoked the game has changed. How successful Thaksin will be in getting another passport remains to be seen. Thaksin has said other countries were willing to provide him a passport, but seeing is that news came from Thaksin, probably not. So the validity of this remains to be seen. Also considering the attack on the Asean Summit, any such passport offer may be under reconsideration by whatever country that may be.

So watch the PTP and particularly the hard core members. The media has discounted Thaksin as being done and kaput. That may be true for what would be considered a normal person, but people who are psychotic can never stop. As far as Thaksin is concerned the game is still in play, and he must now convince his PTP followers. Only the most inept and greedy will follow because they have no clue how to do things themselves.

One Response to Thaksin’s party will be pointer

  1. Farang Rak Thai says:

    Now that the government has successfully brought the red shirts under control, and some of the people in the world started to realize what a manupulative liar Thaksin is, to ensure that Abbisit’s government has a better chance of winning the next election and be able to bring Thailand forward, Abbisit needs to take advantage of this present golden opportunity when most people in Thailand are still in disgust with what Thaksin had done and give a speech to the nation, with the rural folks as his main audience. In his speech, he should clearly spell out:

    1. A plan to help the real poor in realizing some of the wealth of the city folks. We are not talking about 2000 baht handouts.
    2. The Thai government coffer does not have money because most of the rich Thai cheat on their taxes. Prime example is when Thaksin sold his company. Abbisit needs to come up with a revamp tax policy that brings more money to the government coffer, thus enable the government to better the life of rural poor, bring them better education and provide better pay for civil servants for cleaner and less corrupt government.,
    3. In his speech, Abbisit needs to address Thaksin directly, to spell out every misdeed he has committed, For example: A. Policy corruption. (AIS, UBC, Rachadapesek land purchase etc. He gave the poor 10 baht and enrich himself 1 billion baht in the process). B. He called himself a democractic champion but during his 6 years in power, he is everything but (2500 people killed under the name of drug war, the southern upheaval, prosecuting media etc.). Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the peole. Ask Thaksin did he do any of that. C. Traitor. As a former Prime Minister, Thaksin ought to know what effect it had on Thailand when he instigated the red shirts to storm the Asean Summit in Pattaya. His action clearly showed he cared nothing about Thailand but his 78 billion baht and his return to power. Abbisit should ask him why he had asked the parents of the red shirts to bring out their children but his own children and family all left Thailand for safe heaven abroad during that time.
    Thaksin is not used to having people talk back directly to him. If Abbisit can call out his name and ask him to respond to all his misdeeds to the nation, may be Abbisit can change the belief of some of the rural folks and win more votes in the next election. If Abbisit does not go on the offensive now, he will miss this golden opportunity and the future of Thailand is as cloudy as ever,