Thaksin’s goals, execute

It does not take a rocket scientist to know Thaksin wants certain people dead. It also does not take a lot of effort to connect the dots on what people are near the top of that list.

Connecting the Dots was not much surprised when the news hit the media that People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) leader Sondhi Limthongkul was attacked. We saw it coming the moment Thaksin’s red shirt army was put down by the Thai government. So quickly put, expect more.

If Thaksin was successful in overthrowing the government, Sondhi Limthongkul would be one of the first to disappear. Seeing as that did not happen, the attack did. Tracing this back to Thaksin will no doubt be difficult, but when you think of who would benefit and in what capacity, that list is a list of one name. Sondhi for the most part has been inactive after the PAD ended it’s rally in early December. Other than a push for the PAD’s ‘New Politics’ Sondhi has been off line. So that leaves personal gratification. Sondhi Limthongkul is in the courts dealing with the fallout from the PAD’s actions, so there is no real reason to want to kill him except for some personal gratification.

This is also another very possible indicator on how Thaksin feels his chances are. The fact that he went right back to talking about the King, and that Thailand needs me after his red shirt army was put down, is a identical to when he was sent packing after the 2006 coup. He played innocent and also the ‘Who me?’ while he was planning his comeback. Right now Thaksin is off balance, and like Connecting the Dots, Thaksin too must wait for the dust to settle to know what to do. That does not stop him, it only pauses him.

In Thaksin’s mind, nobody can better him. The fact that the red shirts started reading of the names of the entertainers at the PAD rallies simply points that out. If an entertainer can motivate people against Thaksin, then they too must pay the price. No doubt Connecting the Dots is also on that list for whatever reason he decides. We are very sure when we predict what he will do, and then he does it, gets him pissed to no end.

So to connect the dot with what we said would be guerilla tactics, this certainly fits the bill, and we do expect more to happen. This is now 2 assassination attempts in just a few weeks, and in both cases Thaksin would benefit in some way. The chances of the same person benefitting if this was random is next to 0%, however if they are not random and planned, then the chances of the same person benefitting are next to 100%.

At the moment Thaksin sees little chance of a straight forward approach like overthrowing the government or Thailand needs me, but he will still try to give the illusion or diversion.  The approach of taking out his enemies one by one to instill fear is well within Thaksin’s scope of things he would do.

2 Responses to Thaksin’s goals, execute

  1. tum|bler says:

    May I say that I feel this attempt of yours to ‘connect the dots’ is horribly one-sided? While it is widely known that Thaksin is Sondhi’s arch nemesis, this doesn’t mean that the fugitive is the only enemy of the ASTV man. He has publicly lashed out against numerous figures who are either neutral or actually anti-Thaksin, including Gen Surayud, Gen Sonthi, and Dr Sumeth.

    Let me offer an alternative theory. Given Sondhi’s close link with certain powerful people, isn’t it possible that Sondhi may have learned some sensitive information regarding those people? Now that Thaksin is finished, these powerful figures may have come to the conclusion that they don’t need a risky whistleblower like Sondhi to be around anymore, and then sent someone to kill him.

  2. Tumbler, you beat me to it. 🙂

    Nearly verbatim in how I would have replied.

    Sondhi is a hated man amoungst so many groups that it is nearly impossible to say where the attack came from. He has made enemies of so many people over the years it is a wonder he has lasted this long.

    Unfortunately, I feel that most of the dots connected over the past year have been horribly one-sided as well as amateurish. Those predictions are not so much predictions as much as they are common knowledge. My reason for reading this web page is two-fold. One, it does offer me some comic relief and Two, I can get healthy, educated rebuttals from comments such as yours. Thank you Tumbler.