Waiting for Thaksin’s next attack

In a all too often repeating chain of events, Thaksin is off some place pondering his next attack. The familiar pattern of Thaksin has everyone silent as if the calm before the storm.

The Thai government is moving forward in a diligent manor seeking to pull out the roots of Thaksin’s media machine. The riots in Bangkok have provided Prime Minister Abhisit with enough ammunition to do so, but there are still court challenges as to if that can be done. Law enforcement is busy tracking down assassins and red shirt leaders on the run.

The media has fallen dry with events that pertain to anything more that was said in the previous paragraph. Meaning the name Thaksin was not associated with any new news. The only new news was Prime Minister floating some new ideas to parliament in what seems to be an effort to distract the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) from causing any more trouble. It is about the same as throwing a piece of meat at an attack dog so you can get past.

Meanwhile Thaksin himself is once again off the radar, and that only means things have not gone his way. At the moment he is re-posturing for his next attack. How long that will be is hard to say, but it is fairly comfortable to say not before the state of emergency is lifted in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces. Do anything now and the government will just prolong the state of emergency and go after the people Thaksin would look to use next.

As Thaksin is now apparently using a Nicaraguan diplomatic passport, Thaksin has more or less become an employee of that government. It does not take much to see that the words Thaksin and employee do not match well if at all. That means Thaksin will be required to do some tasks for that government in order to keep his passport. Apparently going by face value that task is to bring business to Nicaragua. As a bit of a warning to the Nicaraguan government, if Thaksin is not happy about this, then he will simply show it. If he is delighted to be an employee, then President Daniel Ortega should watch out as Thaksin does not do things unless there is something in it for him. Thailand may be a bit tough for Thaksin to take over at the moment, but Nicaragua is another story. If Thaksin paid President Ortega for that passport, then we have just seen the start of another dance with the devil.

Meanwhile back in Thailand Thaksin supporters are not sure what to do next. They have associated themselves with violence and some no doubt are having regrets as they slowly start to figure things out. Some have lost face, and others lost dignity. Still others are now lost in that their hope of easy money has been at least for the moment dashed.

Connecting the Dots does not want to make a prediction on how Thaksin will openly act next, he has been caught in huge lies by major global media, and that will most certainly bring more loaded questions in future interviews. One thing is certain and that is Thaksin is angry, and his desire to take out personal vengeance on people is very high.

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