Thaksin starting again

All the subtle signs are there that the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra is ramping up for another round of making trouble for Thailand. The question is how much and how far can he go this round.

Wishful thinking that Thaksin would simply stop was just that. Connecting the Dots has made mention several times that Thaksin is psychotic and can not stop. So once again all the subtle signs are in place. His mouthpiece radio station is coming back, a reshuffle in the Pheu Thai Party (PTP), and his red shirt army is once again getting more active.

The big question is what and how will Thaksin attack this time. His options are getting less and less. In fact he may have done so much damage to himself last time he may be impotent this time, unless he opens his wallet again.  There are too few dots to connect at this time to make a prediction however Thaksin is a creature of habit and the new attack will likely look like the old ones.

Thaksin’s options are growing smaller with each passing day. By media reports Thailand’s government is having positive results with new extradition treaties. No doubt Thaksin’s red shirt army’s raid on the ASIAN summit in Pattaya made that a bit easier. Pissing off the leaders of several countries all at the same time has it’s drawbacks as Thaksin is finding out. That little fiasco only accelerated his demise.

There are very clear signs of no compromise coming from the Thaksin camp. For example putting the proposed changes to the Constitution out for public input is a big no for Thaksin and his cronies. They already know it will not go in their favor. The people with enough education to render any valid suggestions are already on average anti Thaksin, and most likely would not budge on any change that would help Thaksin avoid his date with his jail cell.

This unwillingness to change on the part of Thaksin’s cronies has already been cited as part of the problem in the divide in Thailand. So the next battle is already taking shape and the likelihood of the Constitution being the battle cry this time is very high.

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