Mind power can boost immune system

Not too many people give much thought as to how powerful the human mind is. Depending on what a persons mind set is, the mind can make us sicker or healthier. The perfect example is when we watch someone who is sick give up and then suddenly wither away.

Perhaps they are tired of fighting off a dreadful condition like cancer, and they have given their all emotionally, but are just to tired to go on. At that point doctors as well as family members can see a marked change in how fast they are fading. Any person who has watched a loved one give up can verify this fact that in a matter of days they are gone.

On the opposite note a doctor may tell someone you have ‘x’ months to live, but somehow they surpass all expectations and some can actually survive and win over the condition. The only thing that has changed is that persons determination to win out over the condition.

This is not a new discovery by any means, it has been witnessed and documented for at least 100 years. The human mind greatly influences our physical condition. For example when we are grumpy and miserable, every bone and muscle in our body sets about letting us know it is there. But when we are in a good mood, we feel completely fine. What has happened is the mind has changed the amount of Endorphins being released into our body. Endorphins have long been known as the feel good hormone, and its pain management qualities can be much more powerful than morphine. So all it took was a thought to make those aches and pains go away, and the pain medication stays in the medicine chest.

So now that you are armed with the knowledge that your mind controls the release of hormones into your body, you start to think about what roll those hormones play in dealing with sickness. Then your next thought may drift to how will my mind help in fighting off a cold or a flu and particularly the swine or bird flu.

The answer to that question is simple, it can help. The problem is the flu is an invading organism where cancer is more of a malfunction. So the mind can boost whatever natural immunities we have, but seeing is we have little or no natural immunities to the swine or bird flu, will this be like pulling the trigger on an empty gun? The answer to that is simple. We do have some immunity to the swine flu, but not much. People between the ages of 20 and 50 have the best chance of surviving. Younger than 20 and it appears the immunity is not fully developed. And over 50 the body is just getting a bit too tired to wage a good battle. So the answer is yes, the power of your mind can help.

There are ways to tune up your mind, and there are ways to throw sand in the oil as well. In a series we did a few months back, we talked about staying young. Ironically it is exactly the same methods used to stoke the fire and get your mind ready for whatever battle is ahead. You can read that series here. Once you read it and think about it, it makes all the sense in the world even to the layman. So what was optional to stay young in the sense of vanity, now becomes more of a mental flu shot to increase your chances of surviving the swine flu pandemic.

So as the world starts to deal with this H1N1 swine flu pandemic, we certainly want to have all the edge we can get as this flu could be ‘Game over’ for many people. The choice is yours.

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