Black hole on Earth

Our last mistake an earth eating black hole

With all the problems we are having at the moment with the economy, global warming and assorted flu strains that kill floating about, we have no need for another problem like creating a black hole. But when it comes down to it, that may be what is next.

With all the things we have learned about a black hole during recent years, if there is anything we have learned it is they are best viewed from a distance. To even remotely float the possibility that the Hadron Collider has the muscle to create a black hole sends chills up the spines of many. The best way to put it is this is not opening Pandora’s box, it is creating it.

There are scientists that say that if a black hole is created, it will only last a fraction of a second. However this is just a guess. There are those who say the black hole will stay and start dining on the Earth.

With that said here is what we do know about a black hole. First we have never seen one end so to assume that any black hole we create will only exist for a short time is not supported by any evidence we have found, or has been made public. The second thing is other than the huge gravitational hole it has, what is busy getting sucked in is making a lot of noise across the entire spectrum from x-rays to whatever. In short there may be enough radiation and heat generated to liquify everything around the black hole for miles around as matter starts to orbit inward to the black hole. After all we can see this from thousands of light years away, so there is a good possibility of this happening here. If that is the case the black hole will feed and grow very fast.

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The next thing is the Earth’s axis would change to be centered around the black hole as Earth is consumed. That would quickly put an end to life on Earth as conditions would be too extreme as all the atmosphere will have been sucked in by then. The earth would look like an out of balance tire orbiting the sun.

next on the menu would be the moon as it slowly starts to spiral into the black hole. If that was not bad enough, smaller things like comets and asteroids would alter their orbit around the sun and that would be the start of the end of the solar system as the sun’s gravity finds a rival.

How long all this will take is hard to say as it depends on how much gravity the black hole has. If it is a minimal black hole with just enough gravity to trap light, then it May take a few months to finish off the Earth. If it is much more powerful then it could be just a week or so.

On another thought, as we continue to look into space in the search of other life, the life we find that is more advanced that our own most certainly did not create a black hole. Creating a black hole would most certainly be the ultimate Darwin Award.

4 Responses to Black hole on Earth

  1. I’m sorry, but this notion is so idiotic it’s not even funny. first of all, a black hole created by the collision of subatomic particles would have the mass, and gravity, of those subatomic particles. Even assuming that all the kinetic energy (92uJ at its peak for lead nuclei) of those particles was converted to mass, the total gravity of the system would still be almost undetectable. F=G*m1*m2*r^-2. A black hole with the mass of a watermelon produces EXACTLY as much gravitational influence as a watermelon, which we know to be negligible. Second, the existence of virtual particles (bosons in this case) is well established, so hawking radiation, which is based on this interaction, can be assumed. The luminosity of a black hole is inversely proportional to surface area of the event horizon, so a tiny black hole such as the one we are discussing would evaporate in almost no time. Cosmic rays hitting the earth produce greater energies, yet no apocalypses. In short, no one within the scientific community seriously believes the black holes created by the LHC would last for any significant period.
    Even assuming that the entire earth becomes a black hole, it would have, once again, exactly the same gravity as the earth itself at distances significantly larger than 8.8 mm. The sun would in no way be rivaled, it would simply have a small (R=2GM/c^2, so 8.8mm for earth sized black hole) black hole orbiting it.

    Do some homework before you post please.

  2. Although Bill’s answer sounds convincing, I still don´t get the need for a Large Hadron Collider on Earth. The LHC doesn’t seem much of a threat now, however it poses a future risk that outweighs possible scientific discoveries. Those projects remind me of the fate-tempting phrase/attitude: “Not even God himself could sink the Titanic.”

  3. janet l. victor says:

    With all of the mess earth had created, i am praying and wishing that these black holes (there’s more than one combine to 1 big hole) that became part of the planet earth will be close permanently (THAT’S 1 OF MY BIGGEST WISH…AND NEVER OPEN AGAIN AND REMAIN CLOSE), because if it doesn’t close the polar shift will take place in 2012 of devastation, balancing earth, beacause the shield is out on the open, (tHE MOVIE 2012 IS REAL) when the planets aligns then theNORTH PART OF THE EARTH BECOMES SOUTH AND EAST PART OF THE EARTH BECOMES WEST. Everyone is the causeof the black holes, we became part of the reason that it open we let the earth become dirty that’s one of the reasons and more…..


  4. Right Marie, and the reason you don’t “get the need” for the LHC is because you know nothing about particle physics, kind-of like the original poster Richard who insists on propagating this hilariously ignorant rumor brought to you by the same scientists that claim global warming is a myth. The LHC is humanity’s best chance yet at unlocking the mysteries of the universe and answering science’s most daunting questions.