Closed or open Abhisit vs Thaksin

Tug o War

While Abhisit works to close Thailand’s social divide, the convicted fugitive Thaksin is working equally hard to open it. So when giving out a grade of 5 out of a possible 10, one does have to consider Abhisit’s task is a bit like rolling a king size waterbed mattress up hill. This task is not at all like passing a university exam, this task fights back. Add to that all the other things he is doing like dealing with the economy, dealing with a psychotic person who wants to divide the country is above the call of duty.

Quoting the Nation;

The coalition Chart Thai Pattana Party has rated the government’s performance as barely passing because of concern for the persisting polarisation regardless of improved economic indicators, party spokesman Watchara Kannikar said yesterday.

“On the political front, the government has received five out of 10 points as it remains unsuccessful in healing social divisions,” he said.

Watchara said his coalition party was particularly concerned about such divisive issues as the pardon petition and the red-shirt opposition movement.

The political situation is still turbulent, and this is worrisome for two reasons: it raises doubts as to whether the government is fully in control and a significant number of people are pinning their hopes on the possible comeback of ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, he said.

“The government ought to exert a firmer leadership in order to dispel lingering doubts about Thaksin’s comeback,” Watchara said.

He said the party also wanted to remind the prime minister not to get more deeply involved in the police reshuffle nor try to influence the annual military line-up, expected next month.

The party sees Abhisit Vejjajiva as risking undermining his own leadership by his involvement in the infighting within the police service, he said. And the government may collapse if it tries to meddle in military and police affairs at the same time, he added.

Watchara said Abhisit should have assigned his deputy Suthep Thaugsuban to execute the reshuffling of police and military officers on his behalf.

On another matter, Watchara said that as the coalition partner in charge of agriculture affairs, Chart Thai Pattana is preparing to sponsor a bill designed to prevent foreigners from owning farm plots and dominating the farming sector. In a plan on the drawing board, farming would be classified as a reserved occupation for Thai citizens, with farm plots owned by Thais only.

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  1. tum|bler says:

    I would like to confess one thing to you. Today I found myself defending Abhisit against my pro-PAD, anti-Abhisit friend. Oh no what have I done? *horrified*