Thailand’s police unsaid actions of guilt

In most cases when the boss is away, people tend to be more relaxed. However in the case of the Thai police, it appears to be just the opposite, particularly so when the stand in boss is doing an internal criminal investigation.

This story does not take into account guilt or innocence of any person or persons. It does however point out a series of events or if you prefer dots that seem to suggest a cover-up of a crime that members of the police may be the guilty culprits.

This story itself is not very interesting. The investigation of a crime is for the most part a daily event in police work. But from the moment this particular crime was committed, a series of events started to point the compass of guilt towards high ranking influential people in Thailand who had the ability to cover their tracks and or significantly slow the investigation. The crime in question is the assassination attempt against Sondhi Limthongkul who is a core leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD).

The first thing that suggested high ranking involvement was the security cameras at the crime scene were all not functioning. Seeing as there were redundant cameras, someone who has access to them disabled them. The list is very short on who can do that.

The next thing is the investigation was said to have hit several delays and this prompted a little external influence from the Prime Minister. That resulted in a temporary change at the top of the police, and according to news reports the investigation started to move forward after the top cop was sent on a mission to China.

That no doubt caused a lot of panic in the guilty parties and getting the boss back to plug the hole was given a priority. You can use your own imagination as to what those conversations sounded like as apparently things were getting a little to close for comfort, and sleeping on Thaksin’s sofa in Dubai was not high on the list of desirable outcomes. Seeing that Thaksin’s fastest crony is probably already sleeping on it the sofa may be a bit crowded.

Then the sudden premature return of the top cop 5 days early suggests yet another dot in that he may be one of the guilty or significantly involved in the cover-up. So this does leave Thailand in an interesting situation. It has been a while since a real internal investigation was made of the police, and those who thought they were untouchable are discovering other wise. This was quickly followed up with the announcement the top cop was being given an assignment in southern Thailand to get him out of the way again. This may end up looking like trying to get a child to eat his vegetables thus finding every possible excuse not to go and or return early.

Connecting the Dots knows this is far from over, and we predict a few more bullets will fly, and plenty of threats will be made before this is over. For those that like mystery, this will be a good who done it. It also has the makings of a good Hollywood movie. This does qualify for popcorn.

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