Attack on blog backfiring

It would seem by most accounts whatever government entity is attacking a blog by going after Twitter and Facebook has made a huge tactical blunder. Rather than hiding something by silencing a blog, they simply have called the entire worlds attention to what was on the blog.

Short of suddenly becoming the most famous blog in the world for the moment, governments attacking blogs need to step back for a moment. Pissing off millions of people who knew little or cared about what was going on in some other corner of the world amounts to standing naked on main street at high noon. Simply everyone is going to stop and have a look. By attacking mainstream sites they have loosed the hounds on themselves.

This action (not the attack) has focused the attention of government bodies like the United Nations on the problem that was blogged about. That is no small feat to get the UN looking down your throat with an extra big magnifying glass to see what dastardly deeds you are up to.

However there is a weapon bloggers can use, and that is simply to mirror. Blogs that are under attack can network with other blogs. So if blog ‘A’ is under attack or expects an attack, that post can be mirrored on hundreds if not thousands of other blogs all at the same time. After all way back when the Internet was designed, the idea was do decentralize so in the event of an attack things would not stop. So with that though blogs can take use of that basic military strategy function of the Internet by mirroring off hundreds of servers around the planet. Short of shutting the entire Internet down, the blogs will eventually win and what needs to be said, simply will be said.

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