Iran’s punishment for attempting democracy continues

You can almost sit back and know what will happen next. Any attempts at genuine democracy in Iran are dealt with like weeds in a garden. One by one they are pulled from the ground and left to die.

There are so many things unseen going on it baffles the mind. People that were fooled into believing that there was some form of democracy in Iran are now paying the price. People arrested, tortured, beaten are just a few. Even people who are for the most part whistle blowers are being punished for showing the face behind the mask of religion.

As there are few specifics to talk about, there are plenty of generals. The dictator government is doing a better job at controlling what gets out. The implementation of fear and not knowing who is a government snitch tends to keep everyone silent.

Even embassy staff from other countries are being or have been arrested and interrogated according to news reports. If that is true then even diplomatic immunity is in question.

What this is doing is simply driving people underground. A few months ago there was never even the thought this would happen as people thought there was a democracy. So to feel that suddenly something was taken away as compared to fighting for something you never had, there is a lot more anger and energy behind having something taken away. Even the people who voted for the so called winner of the Presidential election can not deny what is happening to their country. They too can now see the reality that a dictator runs Iran and their vote was essentially meaningless as well.

This certainly has set up the scenario that an assassination attempt on the dictator is much more likely, and it certainly could lead to chaos and anarchy if the assassination was successful. The possibility of a civil war is also heightened. In short Iran is a pot about to boil over. Only the people who would gain from a dictator will side with him. All others will be opposed to having something taken away.

In the international politics arena, the so called President of Iran has lost much clout and is now seen only as a puppet with a big mouth. Any doubt about his authority has been dispelled as he is now clearly seen as little more than a front man to the real power. This certainly could lead to making it easier to impose stricter sanctions and or launch military attacks against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

On the issue that the people of Iran have shown the world not all Muslims are the same, again that is applauded. The stereotype caused by Muslim extremists is continuing to be dispelled. But now a new challenge is upon them. That challenge is they must show that they can not be over powered by the Muslim extremists. If that happens, then unfortunately the general perception of Muslims will revert to what it has been in recent years. What happened in Iran will be simply seen as a minor uprising inside the Muslim faith.

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