Anxious moments for Thaksin cronies

Whether it was intentional or coincidence, starting August 17 several court rulings are due out that stem back to the good old Thaksin days. Needless to say stomach knots are in style for the rest of the month.

If you have noticed over the past few weeks several people associated with Thaksin have been one by one dropping out of the news. The bulk of them are former Thai Rak Thai (TRT) and People Power Party (PPP) and have high public profiles. They seemed to have been in the news several times a week, but now they seem to be hunkered down or ready to redeem some frequent flyer miles for an extended trip out of Thailand.

Already some of the defendants are on the run from a variety of charges. The most noticeable and still Thaksin’s fastest crony is Jakrapob Penkair who promptly tucked his tail between his legs and ran from Thailand and now is barking from out of range just like Thaksin.

So on the agenda for August 17 is the ruling on the Rubber tree saplings that will affect the TRT.  The October 7 ruling that will affect the PPP. And not to be forgotten or upstaged are Thaksin’s red shirts. They also plan to submit their petition to the King requesting that the King ignore the pillars of society and cut Thaksin loose. Needless to say that August 17 would be a good day to stay inside and not venture out as a variety of emotions will be peeking.

On August 18 the ruling on 44 members of Parliament deciding if they hold shares illegally. So as emotions spill over from the day before, this will throw a few fireworks into the already raging fire.

Also due that week is the Election Commission will conclude its investigation on the democrats if they illegally receiving a donation of 258 million Baht from a listed company and had abused the EC’s party development fund worth 29 million Baht. It is unknown if the findings of that investigation will be made public at that time.

Disclaimer: The events and the dates may be inaccurate as they may have changed and we did not notice.

All of this should stir the pot fairly well leaving several people dazed and aimlessly wandering and wondering what to do next. From the outside when this is over it will look like cement that was disturbed that has not fully set yet. This may not be a day for popcorn, but certainly you may want to stock up on food for a few days just in case. It would seem there is always the chance someone will get pissed off and toss an explosive here and there or cause other violence as seems to be the case when the Thaksin ‘A’ team takes a significant hit.

On another note there seems to be another Thaksin choreographed chain of events underway that is hinted at peaking in the October and November time frame. There has been more than one reference by people in the pro Thaksin group to this effect. The last time a Thaksin choreographed chain of events took place they peeked with the April riots. Needless to say as soon as we spot enough dots to put something together on it, we will. A fair guess would be before the end of August 16 – 22 week there should be enough dots.

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