Dealing with Thaksin’s petition

Dealing with Thaksin’s petition to the King can quickly turn Against Thaksin because of its size. The alleged huge number of signatures on it may act like an overloaded boat very quickly sinking the petition.

Although this post is a satirical look at the petition, there may be some valid points to consider. The claimed 5,000,000 signatures may simply turn out to be its achilleas heal. No doubt the signatures must be checked, and 5 million is a lot. So doing some math and using an estimated 200 signatures a day to be checked, it should take roughly 69 years to check all the names on the list. After all there are many more important things to do than check a petition for a convicted fugitive. So checking 200 names a day is actually a very generous use of time. However by 2078 Thailand is likely to have had at least 2 more Kings and Thaksin will be long gone as well.

The second option that may be a new requirement is attaching to the petition a form that spells out required particulars. They would be the name of the convicted, where they are incarcerated, their prison ID number, the dated of incarceration, and the expected date of release. Once this form is done the petition would be complete and ready to submit. Anyone that has dealt with the Thai government will quickly testify that it is very form intensive so it would simply fit right in with how things are done in Thailand. So if the King’s private secretary was to hand this required form to the red shirts leaders when they drop of the petition, it would be politically neutral and Thaksin would be force to either attack the King directly or simply back down.

Seeing that none of the requirements have been completed by Thaksin, the form would be dead on arrival no matter how many signatures it had. With that the red shirts would get to experience what many foreigners experience daily at immigration or other government agencies, and that is a lot of anxiety hoping that the forms are correct.

Needless to say this all could backfire on Thaksin very easy and nobody could be blamed except Thaksin himself for not having the proper forms.

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