Thailand’s Constitution weapon of choice

In the political battle for power in Thailand, the Constitution is quickly becoming the weapon of choice. As the Constitution is strongly worded to keep corrupt politicians in check, it can offer from bruises to fatal blows when use to take out a political opponent.

Thai politics has always been described as a creature of its own. There was never any true commitment by politicians and the deals struck often benefitted the politicians and the scraps were left for the constituency. The entire motivation to enter politics was to make money and few saw it to serve the people.

From the sidelines of this political battle there are the good guys who follow the law, and the bad guys who for the most part ignore the law. The Constitution does not take sides, however it does come down hard on politicians who do not obey the law. There is already a trail of politically dead, battered and abused politicians who had a round with the constitution.

The bad guys who do not follow the law have been trying to make use of the constitution to route out the good guys. At the very least it is amusing to see the attempts. They often have to twist and distort events so much that they do not resemble the actual events at all. For an example a literal pat on the back may be seen as giving or receiving a gift depending on who was doing the patting. But mostly they have been looking for technical violations one way or another, and in a way that is a good thing by keeping everyone on their toes.

At the very least, the bad guys are becoming well versed with the Constitution so there will be no excuse if they step over the line. It also keeps in the forefront of every politicians mind that the Constitution can and will take them out of the game if they mess up.

Meanwhile the leader of the bad guys who is a fugitive on the run, is very busy violating laws of several countries on his journeys to avoid capture. It is easy to see and understand why he was so opposed to the Constitution when it was accepted by a significant majority of the Thai people. It is also very clear that if he ever comes back he will be completely lawless and not care about anyone or anything but himself.

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