Coup anniversary red shirt rally designed to attack Thaksin’s enemies

The planned September 19, 2009 rally by Thaksin’s red shirts has but one reason. That reason is to re-vilify the people Thaksin sees as his enemies. For the universities that teach people to become mental health professionals, Thaksin is a real time example of the progression of a psychotic personality.

Most people simply accept what happened and look to make changes in the future. It does not matter what the topic is. It could be a sports team looking to learn from why it lost so a better game is played next time. In a psychotic mind, the desire to inflict some form of devastating punishment on the winning team is the goal to eliminate future contests. To draw a comparison on devastating punishment, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein simply executed people on the spot who challenged them.

To have a rally to mark the date of a military coup is a bit odd no matter how you cut it. A memorial service for some past event that took peoples lives is more common and generally accepted. But a rally to mark a bloodless coup that removed a now convicted fugitive clearly shows abnormal thinking.

In general the coup is a part of Thai history and Thailand has simply moved on. History can not be undone but Thaksin looks to give it a go. In Thaksin’s mind the battle still rages, the tanks are still in the streets, and the generals are still plotting against him. In short the coup is present tense and not past tense because at the moment he is not running Thailand.

Thaksin is ignoring the fact that he is banned from politics, however the other 110 politicians that were banned at the same time have accepted reality, however they do try to throw a wrench into the gears of government from time to time.

So this planned rally is meant to arouse anger and hatred and hopefully bring harm against the people that Thaksin sees as his enemies. This is no different than what Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein did with a pistol. The hoped outcome is the same, and the signature is pure Thaksin by getting others to do his dirty work.

It at the very least shows Thaksin’s detachment from reality. He feels he is above all laws and his recent demands on the King requesting a pardon without serving a day in jail shows he feels the King is his subordinate. This is not the thinking of a normal mind, but that of a psychotic person. Even in loosely descriptive language being ‘Thaksin has simply gone mad’ is an accurate easily understood description of his mental state. With no regard for the law of any country, Thaksin is very dangerous and some countries may deny him entry simply because of his mental state with no consideration of his fugitive status. They do not need a madman running around so simply close the door when he looks to enter is the easy answer.

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