Tarnishing Obama

Lets face facts, US President Obama is hugely popular in just about every corner of the planet. So much so that others have taken to tarnishing his image simply because they cant manage to get to his level of popularity.

When you start hearing phrases like ‘Cult type following’, that simply sets off alarm bells. So depending on if you have sheep mentality or not, you will either decide following Obama is not such a good idea because the word ‘cult’ drums up all kinds of negatives and brain washing stories, or you will simply see that this is nothing more than people who don’t want the status quo to change doing their own version of brain washing.

In two recent examples that simply leaves your head spinning, the concept of getting affordable health care coverage is a bad thing, and Obama is about to brain wash our children at school. All of this tarnishing and whatever is to come is psychology that preys on the unknowing but at a much higher level than is seen in other countries. This makes use of people not having the time to check things out themselves.

In an example from the past that used the same method of preying on the unknowing, in a political campaign for election, one of the contenders said his opponent was homo sapiens. In that case few people knew what sapiens was, but the word homo simply meant gay and he ended up losing the election because people thought he was gay. For those that do not know, homo sapiens is our present stage of evolution or simply known as modern man.

Connecting the Dots is not looking to put Obama on a pedestal, but we are simply connecting the dots as to what is really going on. At this rate soon you will be hearing Obama is wrong and that green energy is all a mistake and we really need to drill for more oil.

So far every bit of tarnish that has been thrown at Obama is meant to keep the status quo, and that you can easily keep score on. The people that lost the election are simply trying to delay the needed change as long as they can. So if they can keep Obama on the defensive, they have simply bought a little more time for obsolete ways.

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