Keeping score with Thaksin

Sit back for a moment and you suddenly realize how many people that are Thaksin supporters are now out of the game. Dancing with the devil has a high price, and a fairly consistent negative outcome.

Connecting the Dots has long used the term ‘Dancing with the Devil’ when it comes to interacting with Thaksin. It seems no matter how subtle the involvement, there is always some negative fallout that is rarely minor. The list includes politicians, lawyers, businessmen and perhaps some small countries.

The list includes 2 former Prime Ministers associated with the People Power Party (PPP), 3 lawyers who were involved in attempting to bribe the courts on Thaksin’s behalf and are now barred from practice for 5 years. There is also roughly 200 or so other politicians that are also banned from politics for at least 5 years as well. That does not count the money they will need to spend for one thing or another associated with their dance with the devil.

Jakrapob Penkair AKA Thaksin’s fastest crony is also on the run, but for the most part most of his problems are self induced with his own actions. But seeing that his actions were to benefit Thaksin, he makes this list.

Going back even further there were at least 3 members of the Election Commission that were seated when Thaksin was Prime Minister who also had a dance with Thaksin.

On September 21, there will be a verdict that could involve significant jail time for several more people that danced with the devil. That verdict will be on the rubber tree saplings.

There is quite possibly another 100 or so less significant people who have essentially thrown their lives away because they were associated with Thaksin, and that is just in Thailand.

Outside of Thailand there is still some fallout associated with the Manchester City Football club. It is uncertain if Thaksin has ended his involvement or is still pulling strings hidden deep in one of his many coverups.

Even companies that have done business with Thaksin are now also under close scrutiny simply because they were involved with Thaksin. Whether they did wrong or not, being under that spotlight and magnifying glass is not good for business no matter how you look at it. Any company that is being investigated simply triggers the survival instinct to stay away until you are sure it is safe.

So in very round numbers there have been between 300 and 500 respectable people by profession that have suffered significant fallout on their professional carriers, as well as loss of respect on their personal side. We don’t even want to think about how much personal revenue has been lost if you total up everyone on the list. If you add in the possible total jail time, that could easily add up to a millennium and that is a very sobering thought.

Meanwhile Thaksin is still out soliciting more dances and doing his best to look like his life is great, and there is no doubt he is looking only to serve himself with the lives of others. He is even trying to sucker Prime Minister Abhisit into engaging him in a debate in a public forum. This is a bad move for Abhisit simply because it adds credibility to Thaksin and can only hurt Abhisit. The only contact should be with the people in the judicial system and the jails, and not the Prime Minister. Even contact with others in high Thai government should be minimal as technically Thaksin is in the hands of subordinates and not the bosses.

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