Political correctness the silent coup

Stop and think about it for a moment. How many of your personal freedoms have you lost since political correctness got out of control.

When was the last time you could tell someone that they looked nice? When was the last time you could speak your mind without some fear of repercussions? When was the last time a man could act like a man and a woman could act like a woman? When was the last time you could point your eyes at someone without being labeled a stalker? If you have to think about this, then it simply means you lost that personal freedom to the silent coup.

Labeling political correctness a silent coup is itself politically incorrect, and you would be promptly informed of it. The fact is it is the truth. Simply calling it as you see it and down they would come on you more or less like the way things are panning out in Iran after the fixed Presidential elections.

Think about looking at an attractive woman or man, and then think what the Taliban do to their women for being a little more than bland. That can be anything from a beating to a bullet in the head.

Some examples now that anyone can look at is simply take a look at court dockets and note how many cases are related to political correctness. Someone bringing a lawsuit against someone else for something that violated political correctness is becoming very common. this would have never happened in the past when men were allowed to be men and women were allowed to be women. The cases involve expression and upsetting someone who is trying to make the world perfect based on their own personal definition. This would have never happened before the silent coup started.

Think about this and more, and then think about what is going on in countries that are not as free. Then when you realize the truth, take your country back from the coup makers and tell them to put political correctness where the sun never shines. And if telling them that upsets them, then tell them in no uncertain terms to go and find a therapist.

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