Corrupt Thais digging in for fight

In no uncertain terms corrupt Thais are starting to feel the heat of the various government agencies that look to rout them out. To say there may be a bit of a scuffle is just a huge understatement.

It would seem the Abhisit government is making good on its word to clamp down on corruption. Any resistance to that wholesome goal simply can not be done in the public’s eye. To do so will simply focus scrutiny on the objecting person. So what is happening below the surface is nothing less than all out ‘use whatever influence is available’ war.

The bomb attack on a house of a National Counter-Corruption Commission (NCCC) member was just the first sign of the battle ahead. The bomb was meant as a warning to back off, but it was also read as being on the right path. With the present mental state in Thailand compliments of the April red shirt riots, the bomb attack simply provided motivation and not fear in the corruption hunters. That scare tactic may have worked if the corruption hunter felt isolated and alone, but now there is clearly a team mentality. The fact that the Constitution has been so effective in taking out the corrupt shows there is hope in winning the battle.

Even public sentiment is leaning to not touching the Constitution. The only people obsessed with changing it are the ones looking at the big sharp teeth it has. That also helps support the team mentality of the corruption hunters. The suggestion that changing the constitution to bring back harmony in Thailand is starting to be seen for the fallacy it is. The primary instigator of trouble in Thailand convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra must be neutralized for the country to reunite. Changing the Constitution does nothing to bring about that solution.

Now that the NCCC has found the names of powerful Thais on its list of names that they will file criminal charges against, a line has been past and the war is on.

Most of the fighting will escape the public’s eye and will only be seen by Thais who have some involvement. Only overt things will be covered in the news. Bombs, and other attacks on a person will be the headline grabbers. Once it is handed to the court, bribery and threats will be some of the major weapons used by the corrupt. But even there, it is doubtful those things will have significant effect. After watching Thaksin’s lawyers do 6 months in jail and then be stripped of their right to practice for 5 years sends its own message. The rubber tree sapling verdict that is due on September 21 also adds heat to the fire.

There is also no doubt that an alignment of forces is underway with Thaksin and the corrupt Thais. Thaksin will no doubt try to use this unholy union to stage a coup of sorts. Possibly during a red shirt rally making it a 2 pronged attack. Seeing that the police are on the receiving end of the NCCC, use of the military becomes more critical to maintain order.

With the factors of a red shirt rally on September 19, a possible guilty of graft verdict for about 40 powerful Thais on September 21, the powerful corrupt police pissed off at the NCCC, and Abhisit off to the United Nations in New York, there is a lot of pressure building for a major explosion on or before September 21. That may happen as soon as Abhisit departs for the US. Too many factors are coming into alignment at the same time for this to be a comfortable time.

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