Setting a trap for Thaksin

There is little doubt Thaksin is just itching to address the red shirt rally set for September 19. Seeing that his broadcast locations are extremely limited, all that needs to be done is catch him in transit.

Thaksin just can not let the dead lie in piece it would seem. The coup that ousted him on September 19, 2006 is now just a part of Thai history. The players have moved on in their lives, as well as several governments have come and gone. But Thaksin can never stand to be anything less than number 1. So simply Thaksin looks to undo the coup. If that means resurrecting the dead so he can properly thrash them, then that is simply what he will do.

The fact that the rally route will target Privy Counselor Prem and who ever else Thaksin sees in his time warp bubble as a troublemaker, simply is testimony to how mentally ill Thaksin has become. Because of that Thaksin is like a moth to flame.

About the only safe place Thaksin can broadcast from without pissing off some government is a ship at sea in international waters. However that leaves him vulnerable to capture. It would need to be some elaborate setup with the option to escape from air. Being caught in international waters makes pickings very easy for the Thai government. Very simply there is nobody to answer to. We have seen this fairly regularly in the news of late with the Somalia Pirates.

Also the fact that Thaksin is heading to smaller and poorer countries makes him even more tempting. The bounty on him would most certainly pay off all the bills and then some to a group of local bounty hunters. Flying in and out of some remote airstrip will most certainly call attention to the locals, particularly if the countryside is plastered with wanted posters. Even doing a version of “America’s Most Wanted” on TV in Thaksin safe countries will make them not so safe for Thaksin. It will very quickly eliminate the luxury of being unknown.

Thaksin’s world is getting smaller and smaller after each time he opens a microphone to address his red shirt street party. It should not be to long before his fortune turns for the worse.

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