US political carnage on horizon

With the scent of racism in the air in the United States, standing too close to the source of that scent may prove to be more contagious and more politically fatal than the H1N1 swine flu. With that said, the US has become a political minefield overnight.

Seemingly out of nowhere the issue of President Obama’s race has become an unwelcome issue in Washington. If history is to repeat itself, there will be accusations followed by political witch hunts and endless investigations along with fine comb interpretations of past statements.

In very general terms, the Republican party will be more susceptible than the Democrats because the Republicans seem to be more for the bosses, and the Democrats for the workers. The fact that President Obama is a democrat will also add to that susceptibility.

Most of the chance of infection will come from politically based talk shows with Rush Limaugh being at the epicenter. Many of his comments and positions are so anti democrat, they will now draw the scrutiny of justifying if having such an extreme position is not motivated by race. The contagious part will be if Rush cites a comment or position of a republican lawmaker, and later the comments Rush made will have been concluded to have a racist tone, that cited lawmaker will immediately become infected and linked to those raciest flavored comments.

On the other hand non white lawmakers will have the same problem but of a lesser scale if anti white comments are to be heard. Very simply nobody is immune.

Once a lawmaker is infected, he or she will instantly lose influence as seen with the example of Joe Wilson. The arrogant position taken in refusing to apologize for tainting the image of the US House of Representatives has earned him the title amongst peers of being racist, although non will come out and say it openly.

Even the clearly twisted and distorted scare tactics used to kill the health care changes President Obama is pushing for may have already infected the republicans. There are clear connections that such and extreme and distorted position may have been race motivated. Former southern lawmakers like Newt Gingrich who fed the distortions with his wonderful style of making it all sound official and a done deal, may have cause serious damage to the Republican party already. The fact that the vote is likely to be along party lines will further accent the boss worker division and label the vote as motivated by other reasons.

Meanwhile all this talk of racism is being watched by the world and is giving plenty of fuel and ammunition to people like Osama bin Laden for the anti American position that was weakened when President Obama was elected as America’s first non white President. This will also have an effect on other international issues that seemed to have gotten better simply because of President Obama’s skin color.

There is much more at stake here than just US politics, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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