Subcontracting war Part 1

In general war is a nasty bit of business countries must contend with from time to time. The images of soldiers returning home after making the ultimate sacrifice simply may be too much for people to stomach. But somehow things are viewed a little different when a company is hired by the government to fight the war.

When weight lifters or other athletes stop working out and training, they almost immediately start to lose muscle mass. The same is true with an astronaut because they have no need for big muscles in space. However once they return to earth and re-experience gravity, some astronauts find it difficult or impossible to walk depending on how long they were in space.

On the same note, as modern conveniences slowly robbed people of the need to perform physical activities, fat started to grow. As a result the average dress size went from 7-8 to 12-13. That does not count all the health problems that are associated with being over weight. Just looking at that fact and you can clearly see something is wrong with the formula of making life too easy. We need some grunt in our lives to keep the fat away.

When it comes to that muscle we call our human brain, we have slowly been doing the same thing to it by depriving it of the necessary exercise. We look to make the world a comfortable place to live in by removing conflict, and replacing it with an artificial environment that has absolutely nothing to do with the real world. As a result, people are less capable to deal with the real world as they have had limited or no exposure outside of the artificial world. The real world has become alien to them and they have little or no mental antibodies to cope with it. As a result emotional devastation is a possible outcome when exposed for a prolonged time. The term used to described this process of creating an artificial conflict free environment is called ‘Political Correctness.’

That type of artificial environment should be reserved for people who are enjoying their retirement. There is no need to get involved and they can let someone younger drive and deal with the traffic jams of life.

So getting down to the business of war, seeing one of your relatives head off to a war is difficult, and the thought of hiring someone to go in his place is a delightfully appealing idea. It seems politically correct as it seems to make the real world a problem for someone else.

These people are hired to go to war and not volunteers as when they enlist into military service. Somehow getting hired seems to make it right emotionally as there is some sort of mental disclaimer in place that these people thrive on going into harms way. When a person who is hired to go to war comes back dead, it is mentally accepted as a work related accident. It registers mentally the same as a truck driver involved in a fatal weather related crash and is quickly forgotten in a day or so.

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