Thailand’s extortion battle over the Constitution

Under the heading of two wrongs do not make a right, the bad boy politicians are making a full on assault to get that second wrong in place so they can continue with the first wrong. The second wrong desired will be removing the teeth from the Constitution that keeps the first wrong from happening.

Although Connecting the Dots previously indicated we did not plan to say much more about the Thai Constitution as it is truly 100% Thai business, we can not help but point out what is going on. To see this you truly need to step way back to see the big picture.

To sum it up in just a few words, ‘The bad boy politicians are promising endless unrest in Thailand until they are allowed to be bad boys again by removing the teeth from the 2007 Thai Constitution.’ If that simply sounds like some form of extortion, you are already seeing the big picture.

In reality the changes suggested for the Constitution only allow more crime to happen without punishment. The other reality is if left unchanged the bad boy politicians would eventually be devoured by the Constitution and the problem would go away or be significantly reduced. The bad boy politicians have never operated under effective scrutiny, and they do not like it one bit. For that point, cockroaches don’t like the light either.

So one side being the good boy politicians, they say they will only accept changes if they benefit the Thai people, while the other side being the bad boy politicians could care less about the Thai people and only want the changes so they can get back to the business of corruption and graft.

So it goes without saying there is a lot of effort being put into blurring the reason the bad boy politicians want the changes. They continually say ‘To bring about reconciliation’ is the reason they want changes in place. Once again that translates to extortion because they can stop being greedy and do what they were elected to do and the problems will go away. If they can not operate inside the parameters of the Constitution, they should simply resign or not seek reelection, it is that simple.

So as this extortion continues the public is being bombarded with reason after reason for the changes, but in reality it is still extortion. This is all being bank rolled by the chief bad boy politician Thaksin Shinawatra. The red shirt rallies involve significant investments into logistics to haul supporters to Bangkok. At 20,000 Baht per bus that adds up quickly to tens of millions of baht for a big rally.

So the bottom line is to simply stay focused on the fact that this political unrest is simply extortion, and over time the Constitution will sort things out by taking the bad boy politicians out of the picture. The Constitution is in place, it just needs some time to do its job at cleaning up politics. If that can be achieved, then once again Thailand will become the land of smiles.

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