Global warming events occurring faster than worst case scenario

If there is anything that is constant about global warming, it is the phrase that ‘global warming events are occurring faster than worst case scenario.’ The reason for this is we are rapidly approaching the final tipping point, or we may have even past it and not yet figured it out.

Every post we have done on global warming, the underlying story is things are happening sooner than expected. The arctic tipping point has been passed and very soon the Arctic ocean will be ice free for the first time. With all that ice melt sea levels are going to rise faster and faster as Greenland experiences warmer air as the northern refrigerator goes into defrost cycle. Ice that fell as snow 100,000 years ago will simply melt.

Five years ago the thinking was people living today will not see this global catastrophe happen, however the reality now is different. People alive today and well past being diaper trained will experience this. Meaning children that are 10 years old today will be experiencing natures wrath head on.

Don’t think the politicians don’t know about this, there are subtle hints that say the real reports they are reading that are not for the eyes of Joe public are spelling out dire consequences. The dates for achieving ‘x’ whatever have been inching forward without some public announcement as to why. Target dates that were originally 2050, are now 2020. Just that one fact says volumes. Countries that stand to lose a lot of real-estate to the ocean are taking the lead in this changing of target dates. Japan being one of the leaders in this.

This all translates to the fact things are really bad and they do not want to disrupt the markets with the news that could send property prices to $0.00 with no hope of recovery. Note that $0.00 is no exaggeration, if you can picture what a storm surge from a category 2 or 3 hurricane looks like without the hurricane, you can then instantly understand the $0.00 value. That type of news can quickly cause the world markets to do a repeat of what just happened.

So it does not matter what bad discovery hits the news about global warming, it will most certainly come before it was predicted, and we will continue to connect the dots as we investigate new beach front property for sale in the new southern Florida city of Orlando with Disney World right there.

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