US conflict withdrawal only looks good on paper

The saying ‘Back to the drawing board’ has its basis in reality. The ideas and concepts of a designer often conflict with reality and need to be redesigned to a realistic design that does not drift from reality.

The idea of handing off a conflict to the locals is a great idea on paper. If you consider Afghanistan and the Taliban, getting out has wonderful political appeal. But when you look at the facts, The Taliban are much more powerful and ruthless than what the Afghanistan government can muster. That is how the Taliban took over Afghanistan to begin with long before the US ever placed foot in that country. So to turn the defense of the country over to the Afghanistan government again would likely have the same results and sooner or later the events will have come full circle achieving nothing.

Looking at Iraq you hear about daily bombings that have filled the void that Americans left. Life was returning to what could be described as normal. But once the Americans started pulling out at the very least there was a psychological surge that the Iraqi government could be toppled. If that happened, then there would be yet another haven for terrorists. Now with near daily bombings the carnage is starting to pile up.

It has long been known that although America is the most powerful nation on earth, it is also known that the Americans do not have the stomach for a long military engagement. That limited desire is also being fed by political correctness. The artificial world political correctness tries to build is in direct conflict with the reality of war. Because of that war becomes even more distasteful and pressure is placed on the government to withdraw. So very simply the strategy to beat the Americans is just to outlast them, and political correctness simply makes that waiting time shorter and shorter.

Unfortunate as it is Afghanistan has a very long history of waiting out invading armies. The terrain simply makes a natural defensive stronghold that has been impossible to beat thus far. The most recent example was the Russians and that was glorified in one of the “Rambo” movies. Now America is in the same situation with the Taliban.

The bottom line is there can only be one strategy that will work, and that is simply to weaken the Taliban well below a point that the Afghanistan government can handle. The arguments from the Generals on the ground that say the military needs about 40,000 more troops is a real and valid point, but political excuses are now being found to delay that reality because it conflicts with that master plan that only looks good on paper.

One of the excuses is the Afghanistan government is in question and may have stolen the election by election fraud, but that is secondary to the reality of battle. In fact they are almost unrelated. America is in Afghanistan as a direct result of the September 11 attacks, so essentially it is Americas war and not an Afghanistan war. So to protect America from more attacks they simply must continue. The alternate reality is another successful attack on the US if wimping out wins out.

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