Deposed Dictator sows disinformation about ethical Thai democratic leader

The deposed Prime Minister / Dictator Thaksin Shinawatra is now attempting to attack Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s leadership. For those that are new to this, this is the classic good vs bad conflict, and the bad will cheat, lie and steal to win.

For some the convicted fugitive Thaksin is getting to be like that annoying insect that enjoys flying around your face. It is very clear now he is buying his freedom with fist fulls of money that probably belong to the Thai people. A major part of what he is doing requires him to show that he is untouchable and is above the laws of every place he goes. However in reality the truth is far different.

Most of the problems in Thailand other than the ones tied to the economy are directly related and cause by Thaksin and his followers. The economy in Thailand is tied to the global economy. If potential tourists do not have the money to visit Thailand, the rest is easy to figure out. The same principal applies to all other aspects of Thailand’s international trade. However Thaksin looks to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Abhisit and twist things around to do so.

The fact that Thaksin is now doing video link seminars to his followers is just a propaganda tool and also suggest that Thaksin’s tentacles of power are growing again. With two recent high court rulings that raised more than a few eyebrows, and a high profile battle for who will be the next top cop suggests Thaksin’s money is involved and supports that theory. What better way to sabotage ones leadership image than to buy opposing votes to do that.

So it would seem that Thaksin by outlining that Thailand is in for more trouble clearly spells out his plan to make trouble. So in that case it is not a prediction, but a simple plan outline as it does fit his needs.

On a commentary note, Abhisit needs to publicly show more Alpha male qualities on a regular basis. If that means hiring a high profile team of dedicated surrogates to go and lean heavy on people suspected of working with the convicted fugitive Thaksin, then that is what he needs to do. Thaksin is playing hardball so simply Abhisit is forced to play hardball as well if he wants to keep Thailand from being destroyed. This method will also quench the need to rewrite the Constitution as it is no secret that Thaksin’s money is behind the red shirts and the division in Thailand. So simply this is not a freedom of speech thing with the red shirts as they are simply employees of Thaksin. So for the red shirt leaders to willingly damage their own faces the way they are doing has to be driven by money or some mental health problem both of witch Thaksin has.

To sum this up, Abhisit needs to take the gloves off and do some serious damage to Thaksin’s growing network. Although the growth is slow, it is accumulating, and this is exactly how Thaksin got too powerful before. The single most important thing to remember about Thaksin is he never does just one thing. The red shirt rallies are serving as an effective diversion, but Thaksin’s true power growing events are happening silently unseen by the public. Time for Abhisit to look at the lessons learned or he may suddenly find himself facing a coup of sorts funded by Thaksin.

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