Forgiveness without remorse wrong medicine

In Thailand the concept of forgiveness is a common practice to save face. However to forgive without the slightest hint of remorse is simply moving Thailand in the backwards direction.

When an animal is being trained to behave or perform, the method used is a series of rewards and punishments. That simple concept that an animal can understand seems to be too complex to understand for the Pheu Thai Party (PTP).

When Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh announced he was seeking to bring the country back together without the concept of rewards and punishment, it clearly spells that Thaksin is behind this and Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh is likely just a puppet for Thaksin.

This still follows Thaksin’s desire to wind the clock back to September 18, 2006 and reinstating the 1997 Constitution is part of that desire. In fact the entire group (PTP) is acting like the law does not exist and they will simply do whatever they want even that what Thaksin wants is blocked, banned or whatever by several legal walls and court rulings. This behavior will clearly follow through should they ever come to power again.

To put it in other terms, the 2007 Constitution will have a feast but Thaksin is extremely likely to ignore that and deal with the people who would seek to enforce that in a very physical way with Thai blood once again spilling.

As Thaksin is still showing no remorse and in fact he is showing increasing aggression, it is becoming increasingly apparent Prime Minister Abhisit must at least entertain the idea of some covert Thaksin style action. There is clearly a lot going on just below the surface that is building Thaksin’s power base again. The purchase of people continues with Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh being one of the newest names back on the active list. Without effective punishment forgiveness simply gives the green light to be bad.

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