One size fits all doesn’t fit

When it comes to zero tolerance, the brainless one size fits all punishment most certainly has its flaws and then some. The number of cases that do not fit the punishment is significant enough to prove this policy to be an embarrassment.

In general humans are superior to computers in logic and reasoning. We can make adjustments for unexpected situations where computers are only as good as the program that drives them. The one size fits all approach used simply degrades and embarrasses the users making them seem brain dead and causing more problems.

The Three strikes and your out policy also has its flaws where the third strike could be brought on by something as simple as a traffic ticket. No need to rob a bank at gunpoint to get locked away for the rest of your life. The brainless action in the long run contributed to prison overcrowding and certainly has hurt coffers needlessly. Particularly when you look at how bad states are hurting with the sour economy, you can see that this robot like action is in need of serious upgrades.

Then there are issues of young school children innocently bringing things to school and getting the book thrown at them. This is all because they did not know what they brought to school some adult decided  was a weapon.

There clearly needs to be a review of this policy as some wild animals have more common sense. Factors like age and intent should be considered simply for starters. Without this the violators look smarter than the enforcers.

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