Sexually active politicians

Not a lot of time seems to pass before some politician is caught with their pants down in some sexual compromise. So keeping that thought in mind, the next logical question is ‘Are the politicians that got caught the exception or the rule?

At least in the US politicians are meant to be as close to God like as possible. They are to be like some unnatural being that is devoid of natural desires and contorted by political correctness just to win votes and be popular. This is what political correctness demands, however nature simply pulls rank over everything in our lives including political correctness.

The men and woman that are attracted to power and money outnumber the ones who could care less about a persons status. Because of that, for politicians sex is simply as easy to find as candy is in a candy store.

As our closest relative in nature the chimpanzee has sex with several partners inside the troop, it is fair to assume the human male’s sex drive that is switched on 24-7 from puberty is that way for a reason. Without going too deep into a chimpanzee study, the non monogamous sexual behavior seems to bond the troop some studies suggest. The adult males simply see all young as their own.

So add to that formula that a regular female sex partner may elect to withhold sex as some form of leverage, and the next chain of events becomes very clear. The female withholding sex is not the only flower in the field and the path of least resistance is the path chosen by nature.

However not every country is as staunch as political correctness would like to have it. In Thailand it is considered bragging rights to have more than one sexual partner and is even built into the culture. A Mianoi is a minor wife or mistress. Her job is simply keeping the man happy in bed and she is rewarded with a house and living expenses. The fact that there is a Thai word for that simply shows how sex and power go hand in hand.

So in general the temptation and availability of sex is much greater for a politician than it would be for the average middle class male. That is unless the average middle class male is some hottie who tends to cause damp panties on women who are around him. After all women are part of nature too, so this sexual response is very normal although political correctness prefers it to be the opposite.

This is also true for people with power who are not politicians. Sex is available with little effort and sex has always been used as a method to get power and advancements. So in short there is a symbiotic relationship as women seek out Alpha males.

So in summery, politicians who are having sex with more than one person are simply the rule and not the exception. It has been going on long before the oldest living person was born, and will continue long after we have passed into just a memory.

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