Dying virtue Part 1

biting a cherry

Although it may be hard to believe, in Thailand there are still some women well past 30 and in some cases 40 who are still virgins. They have decided to wait for their first sexual experience with their future husband. Unfortunately for them, the potential husband candidates are saying call me when you are finished waiting.

Connecting the Dots has spent 6 months researching this story and we must say what we discovered was truly unexpected in a country where sex is part of the culture. We found the percentage of old virgins to be higher than expected. We also found that many of the virgins had unrealistic views and some had been made afraid of sex by listening to elders from another era.

From the time Birth control was made available in the 1960’s the worlds sexual behavior changed. Having sex without the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy simply unleashed the loins and the dawn of a new era had arrived.

Our research started by setting up a membership at a popular Thai singles site call “Thai Love Links”. We put genuine information in the profile so as not to be deceptive, and we also put photos to make it a more attractive profile. We set the seeking age parameters to be on the young side as we did not want to be flooded with chat requests from very old lonely women upcountry. So we called out the range of women from 18 to 28 years old and not taller than 165cm or over 55kg. We wanted to target more attractive women and eliminate the less attractive women in this investigation. Needless to say in many cases the desired age range was ignored and women as old as 50 sent chat requests.

As this was a research project we spent time talking to all that wanted to contact us. Although hunting down virgins was not the original intention of the research, after a few months we decided to pursue that direction because of the statistics we were seeing and thought it would be a much better story. The original story was to be on the dating behaviors of Thai women with foreign men.

What we found is the Thai women on the site fell into different groups. Some were seeking genuine love, some were seeking a friend so as to practice their English, some were seeking money, and some were simply seeking sex after enduring a long drought of years in some cases. In many cases there were combinations of seeking a rich husband or whatever. But for the most part many were simply just looking for a good man as many were well fed up with the behavior of Thai men.

Of being fed up with Thai men the percentage was near 100% with only a few young women who had not figured that out yet. Thai men have a bad habit of having way too many girlfriends or lovers, and not taking responsibility for children they father. With 71% of the Thai women in Bangkok single mothers, there is all the evidence you need.

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4 Responses to Dying virtue Part 1

  1. The Dark Side says:

    Where on earth did you get the ridiculous number of “71% of the Thai women in Bangkok single mothers.” I would like to have a link to this bogus information

  2. Dark Side
    I saw a story about this a few years back in one of the Bangkok English papers. from what I can remember of the story the numbers seem to match this story. I thought the numbers were a bit high myself and that is why I remember the story.

  3. crocodilexp says:

    Ah, doing research about society on ThaiLoveLinks… you must be joking?

    About Thai men — 100% of the Thai women will tell you what they think you want to hear. At the same time, 90% of them would choose a Thai guy over you if he had half your income potential and would give them a time of day.

  4. This has earned a rare reply,

    As for doing research on Thai society as a whole, that is another topic for another time. Typically many sources of information will be sampled and what is common between them tends to be the accurate information.

    However as far as your opinion is, that is your opinion. I have noted that at least on Thai Love Links Thai women will look for an older man with the primary reason being they are less likely to go out and have other lovers. The money and security factor does come into play as well and each Thai woman places her own personal priority on what is more important to her. The Thai women that are looking for younger men have simply not been burned yet and are still being driven by visual sexual attraction. However again this is for a future post on the original topic of dating practices.

    As for the 71% issue of single mothers, this information did come from a news article some time back, but when searching for it now it seems to be missing. Perhaps a little encouraged cleaning of news archives by some Thai official. However if you are in Bangkok, just ask and I am sure you will find the numbers to be accurate.