Dying virtue Part 2

With sex easy to obtain just about any place you look in Thailand, women who decided to wait for sex with their future husband were simply being left out of the date and mate game. So to simply put it, you can’t win if you don’t play, and that is what is feeding the higher than average number of old virgins.

So as Connecting the Dots investigation continued we talked with several ladies both virgins and not. Together what that uncovered and reading stories in the news about the increasing numbers of pregnant young Thai women withing months of their first menstruation, we have concluded that sex at 13 and 14 is not uncommon in Thailand amongst Thais. We have also concluded that for Thai women the average age for first time sex is between 17 and 23 years of age with a distinct bell curve dropping off to near zero by 28 years old.

So as this story’s focus is only on Thai women who are virgins 30 years of age or older we will not consider women in the bell curve of 13 to 28. During the investigation Connecting the Dots met with 9 women over 30 who were and still are virgins.

The first thing we noticed when we got around to meeting these older virgins face to face is their lack of continuity with reality. In their minds this was 1909 and not 2009. Many actually believed they would find a man who was willing to wait until marriage to have sex. There were others who had been given an unrealistic fear of sex and that all men were sex starved demons and only an armed chaperoned date was acceptable. That is armed as in an actual weapon of sorts be it a knife or whatever. For those women we felt genuinely saddened that their heads had been seriously messed with and would probably die as old virgins. So in the course of meeting 9 women we actually met 15 as 6 had chaperones in tow but only 2 had made it known they were packing a weapon for defense of their virginity.

All meetings were at a neutral public location often for a meal so there was never any threat, but some showed genuine fear of men as was told by elders to beware. But being driven by the reality that all their friends had moved on and were sexually active and content with their situation, and the ticking of their own biological clock being closer to menopause than puberty, they reluctantly tried to enter the dating market. However it seems they look to play a pinball game without putting in a coin.

Essentially all of the women were still strongly influenced by their Thai roots, and some would only consider sex if there was complete secrecy and that some facade be made to hide that fact. That was expressed by the virgins that were in their high 30’s or 40’s. The younger ones were still clinging to the hopes of finding a man who would wait. However the reality of Thailand is sex is plentiful as a field of flowers. So for one women to withhold is a bit foolish when she is not the only game in town. Also the fact that few people buy a car without a test drive, or clothing without trying them on is another reality. To discover incompatibility after getting married is just a chance nobody wants or needs to take in today’s world.

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