Dying virtue Part 3

As our interview of older Thai virgins continued we could see there was a very big internal conflict going on within them. The conflict was between listening to what they were told, or listening to the call of nature. The fact that they were finally reluctantly going on a date suggested that nature was winning that internal battle.

In all the 9 Thai virgins we met, all said this was there first date EVER. So in the sense of being a sexual virgin, they were also dating virgins as well. So what that suggests that either the charm of the male dates who dated other virgins was a bit overwhelming and nature took its course, or this was some unrealistic lottery win.

During the process there was never any real intention to seek sex with these women as morally that is a very uncomfortable position knowing that seeking a relationship was not the goal. These women had defended their virginity from the time they figured out what it was. So to be deceived into surrendering it was simply a place we did not want to go.  Because of that we felt the women were more open to talk once they figured that out. They were told that this was just meet them date and to decide if a second date was a possibility or not.

One virgin who was 40 was sharing a small apartment with her sister who was 39 and also a virgin. The conversation went along the lines that she was ready to toss her virginity to any man who she felt was a good man, and no need to wait to get married. The first date was a long enough wait, and she did make the offer without being prompted. It was also seen that she was looking to seal the marriage deal before getting out of the bed. She was well aware her child bearing years were coming to an end.

The second virgin who was absolutely stunning and could easily put most of the population behind her in looks was more reserved. She was 31 and was also hoping that shopping around was not in her future. She wanted to find the right man on the first try and was giving careful consideration to everything that was being said. The fact she had never dated left her body language screaming both yes and no at the same time. She was clearly excited and trembling inside not knowing what to do next.

The third virgin was 35 and clearly getting fed up with the waiting game. With her chaperon in tow it was discovered that she wanted to come alone but her parents insisted on the chaperone. Now being 35 and well on the way to becoming middle age, to be treated like a child just baffles the mind in this case. It was clear she was ready to give up her virginity if asked, but was hindered by third parties namely her parents who were overstepping the line. This was later verified by a text message indicating she quickly wanted to dump the chaperone and return later that evening to discover what she was missing.

The rest of the dates were along the same lines with this oxymoron of a situation. The ones that had great fear of authority or felt that their parents would lose face were the most defensive of their virginity. For the rest their defensive wall was starting to resemble wet toilet paper and were clearly ready to become sexually active adults. The one constant in the very reluctant virgins was to satisfy someone else in their family and depending on how you look at it you would either see devotion or someone overstepping. In our view we see it as overstepping as the third parties are not only having a negative effect on the Thai woman’s love life, but also the love life of her date who is not related in anyway other than potential boyfriend. Because of that, many men are simply saying call me when you are finished waiting.

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