The blame game searching for perfection

With the unfortunate shooting event that happened at Fort Hood in Texas, it now is time to place the blame on someone else for not stopping it before it happened. Although the concept of perfection is a wonderful goal, nailing a third person for supposed negligence becomes a bit of a witch hunt.

Looking for signs of potential problems in people is not as easy as it sounds. In some cases there is a sudden bit of bad news that can trigger a violent event. In other cases there is a very clear slow burn leading up to a violent event.

The slow burn can be caused by a series of bad events that push a persons buttons. They can be anything from being the butt of jokes or being teased, to being denied something that was thought to be available. Often such cases have been nicknamed as ‘Going Postal’ as a series of such events happened in the US Postal service. Thursdays was a day to be wary as such events were tied to payday and termination notices were often found in the pay envelope.

The sudden explosive acts of violence can come like an unexcepted major earthquake. There is a lot of pressure that is hidden from view and can be set off by a key event. It is difficult at best to identify this unless the person is already seeing a mental health professional. In most cases it is the average Joe who has been taught by his father to be a man and suck it up. Without the release of negative emotions, the pressure builds and builds.

In the case of the Fort Hood incident as compared to others, the only obvious similarity is innocent people were killed. There is no direct tie to any religion however some people would love to make that connection. There is no direct tie to any culture or anything that can create a stereotype. The only thing that is similar is a string of perceived negatives just before the violent event.

If there is any blame to be made this can easily be traced back to the same theme of a story we just did. Read it here.

When it is all said and done there is likely to be more victims of the Fort Hood shooting. Those victims will be the people accused of negligence for not stopping this before it happened. That in turn will simply add more negatives to those people, thus pushing them closer to their tipping point and possible violent outbursts.

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