Thaksin’s actions in Cambodia shrink inviting countries

It may not be that obvious yet, but countries that were on the fence about letting Thaksin in have likely chosen sides. The side they likely have chosen does not have a welcome mat for Thaksin.

It is painfully obvious any country that interacts with Thaksin as Cambodia has most certainly will get much of the same. Thaksin has become more trouble than he is worth.

Although there seems to be much laughter and smiling going on in the Cambodian Prime Minister’s office, it is likely to be short lived. One of the points made by Cambodia is their Constitution does not allow for interference in other countries. A significant amount of that prohibited behavior came strait out of that office filled with laughter. So there will be a price to pay for violating the Cambodian Constitution. Much of Thaksin’s presentation was a direct political attack and in violation according to the Cambodians outline prior to the presentation.

Quoting The Constitution of Cambodia;

Article 53

  • The Kingdom of Cambodia adopts a policy of permanent neutrality and non- alignment. The Kingdom of Cambodia follows a policy of peaceful co- existence with its neighbors and with all other countries throughout the world.
  • The Kingdom of Cambodia shall not invade any country, nor interfere in any other country’s internal affairs, directly or indirectly, and shall solve any problem peacefully with due respect for mutual interests.
  • The Kingdom of Cambodia shall not join in any military alliance or military pact which is incompatible with its policy of neutrality.

This is likely to come back and haunt Prime Minister Hun Sen by adopting of Thaksin’s uncaring for the law. As for Thaksin’s problems, the more at odds Cambodia and Thailand are, the more he looks like a traitor. If the borders close it will be near impossible for Thaksin to save face not to mention the fallout on the red shirts and the Pheu Thai Party.

So when you add all this up, it becomes very easy to see why more doors will be closing for Thaksin.

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