Sex as therapy

What a novel idea for therapy some are no doubt saying. The next question is where do I sign up, no need to even know what the therapy is for.

Connecting the Dots has done several stories on sex, ranging from Thailand’s naughty nightlife, to actually talking to doctors and therapists about the health benefits. The bottom line is when you look at sex, it is more than just about making babies.

Our bodies simply know what is best for us. We cough and gag when we are near a smoker, and we in act several laws to keep their unhealthy habits at bay. At the same time no matter what high horse politician or religious groups do to curb prostitution, they always fail because we are driven by nature to mate. It is no more absurd than telling a fish not to swim or a bird not to fly, it is what we do and why we walk this earth. It is the answer to the purpose of life, and that is to make more life.

Every now and again you will come across someone saying sex is wrong and a sin. Well for them another type of therapy is in order. There is no need to broadcast that they have personal sexual problems on street corners, they need to get into therapy.

So getting to the therapy part about sex, it is hard to know where to start. Perhaps a good place is with a story we did on the age of consent. You can read that story here.

For the health benefits it is hard to know where to begin. First off sex keeps you young by producing hormones and other neurochemicals associated with youth. A sexually active 50 year old is actually younger than an inactive 35 year old and will probably out live them as well. You can call that one of natures corrections in survival of the fittest.

Second sex at least for men can help your back get back into shape should you have a slipped disk or other lower back problem. For women sex can help keep your breasts perkier by producing more of those youthful hormones.

Sex also reduces stress and there is no need to go into how fast stress can make you age. It also makes you happier in general. It is fairly easy to tell in the office who is grumpy and miserable.

As for your heart, the physical activity associated with sex is a great workout, and no doubt the most naturally enjoyable physical activity. Heart Doctors encourage sexual activity.

Sexual activity can also help to reduce depression, so given the choice between Xanax and sex, what would you prefer? Unfortunately Xanax cancels out your sex drive and makes your life vanilla. So you need to plan ahead here and ask yourself do you really need to take drugs.

The list goes on and on, but with what we already listed, do you need any more reason. So if you ever encounter someone who gives you a hard time or negative views about sex, simply invite them to take and stick there opinion where the sun never shines and seek out a therapist. No need to be politically correct with this one particularly when they are encouraging you to have a more miserable life like them.

2 Responses to Sex as therapy

  1. Sex, like sleep, is necessary for overall well being. Have it and enjoy it. It’s good for you.

  2. Yes, some people say sex is wrong and a sin…..except, of course, if you are married to your partner and you are actively trying to have a baby. Then, and only then, is it OK.

    Those people are the ones with the health problems. LOL.