Smile for your money

With bank fraud being on the rise, new computer technology looks to add a second layer of security that goes past entering your PIN number into an ATM. You may need to smile as well to get your cash.

Virtually every ATM machine is equipped with a camera to get a face shot of the person using the machine. This is to be used after the fact of a crime. But moving forward, what if the ATM machine was equipped with face recognition software to stop a crime before it happened.

Face recognition software is now being used at airports to spot bad guys before they do bad things, and the only limitation is the processor speed on the computers. But when it comes to doing a ATM transaction the need to search tens of thousands of files is not needed. All that is needed is to match the face in the camera with the face in the file. So with this together with the proper PIN number is the only way an ATM will give you cash. So you can forget the worry about your angry spouse grabbing your ATM card to empty your bank account to settle some score or to teach you a lesson.

Internet purchases can also make use of this technology. When you go to use your credit card for an online purchase, your web cam will do a security check as well. This should significantly cut down on internet fraud as the person who stole your credit card number lacks your smiling face to make it work.

So as technology moves forward, so does security and in the end the criminals are left empty handed because they simply can not smile the same as you.

One Response to Smile for your money

  1. Interesting concept.

    Just don’t get any facial surgery or injury or you will be in a world of pain with no access to your cash.