Save a tree buy an Apple

Connecting the Dots does not want to promote any one product over another, but the phrase sounded like it fit. With all the concern over global warming, something as simple as changing from print to electronic media does make a difference when you consider the facts.

At one time it was overheard that a mere 17 copies of the Sunday New York Times would consume an entire tree, so one has to think about how the cumulative effect of reading print media has reduced the number of trees. Fast forward to today and looking at the vast variety of hand held devices that a person can get news from, one can not help but wonder if it is now time to stop the presses forever.

Considering the recycle efforts to collect old newspapers and other recyclable goods was a good first effort based on the technology of then, modern electronic technology may be well on the way to obsoleting or at least curtailing the paper recycle process. One by one newspapers have been shutting down because of the Internet. With the vast selection of hand held electronic devices with big screens that do not make you squint, you can read the news while waiting in whatever line you may find yourself in without dragging along a newspaper.

When you consider that trees are the earths lungs and without trees we would all soon be dead from asphyxiation, breathing wins out every time. When you do the math you will most likely find going electronic is less costly as well. A years worth of newspapers would cost about $200.00 when several electronic hand held devices are less expensive and do more than show you the news, it becomes a bit of a no brainer to make the jump.

Now there are some that will argue that clipping coupons to save money when food shopping makes newspapers worth while, but when electronic coupons are introduced by interfacing your hand held with the checkout process at the store and suddenly there goes that excuse. You could even program your hand held devices to see what you typically buy and search for electronic coupons for you.

So it does pose a question that of everyone around the world were given a personal electronic device, how much would this slow global warming and would it buy us more time before that final tipping point arrives. Unfortunately those statistics are not available and with our global warming event estimates being off by decades, getting one sooner than later makes a lot of sense. Even government funded projects to get electronic devices to the poorer public may become part of the save the planet process just as significant as cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The bottom line is the advancement of electronic technology may be like starting a cold diesel engine. When it is cold the engine is very inefficient and pumps a lot of smoke out producing little power. But as the engine warms up more power is produced and the fuel is properly burned. The 1900’s were that cold start, so it makes sense that this century should be different and for the better.

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