Thai red shirts blind

Call it what you will, but when you openly support a traitor in your own country there is something clearly wrong. This simply says you are not loyal to your country or you have been blinded by some illusion.

It is hard to put a good face on the Red Shirt organizers after their leader committed acts of treason and that of a traitor. It becomes extremely distasteful for anyone to forsake their own country over one man, but that is what they are doing. For lack of a better word ‘insanity’ seems to have set in with Thaksin supporters.

Looking at things from an observers point, most if not all would see Thaksin is not the type of person people would admire. Convicted criminal, and perhaps (still in the courts) most of his wealth ill gotten from massive corruption. It is also clear what he is doing is for himself and not for the Thai people.

As for calling the red shirt rallies democratic, based on their open announcements to overthrow the government and not protest against the government, there is little resemblance to democracy. Where as when The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) Yellow shirts rallied, the PAD rallied until the government stepped down or was forced out by legal means. The PAD was not looking to overthrow the government as the red shirts are as that would be an act of treason. Rallies are meant to apply pressure and not apply force.

If you take into consideration recent events like what happened in Iran, the rallies were peaceful but big and loud. Violence was used against them to stamp out the democratic movement. So with that said it is fairly easy to conclude the side that uses violence is not doing so in the interests of democracy. History has shown violence actually to be an anti democratic self serving action with physical force and not pressure on morals and conscience of a government to bring about change.

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