Ending conflict in Thailand’s south unlikely

It is not that the Abhisit government is not trying to resolve the problems in Thailand’s far south, for that they get full marks. However the application of logic and reason when dealing with insurgents and terrorist has yet to be proven a viable answer anyplace on the planet. In fact no working diplomatic template has been found for that fact.

Point in note, when fear becomes part of the formula, everything else does not seem to matter. A wonderful agreement can be reached but is quickly trashed when violence gets to play again.

There really is not a lot to say on this topic, as there are few if any counterpoints to be made. No matter what is offered, it will never be enough. When religion drives the fire of insurgents or terrorists, there is no compromise as religion stands above man universally. Therefore no compromise will ever be made with man.

If this is all sounding like a bunch of incoherent phrases strung together, you would be right and it is very deliberate to make a point. Simply because that is what it is like to negotiate with these terrorists and other such people. There is no logic behind it and is driven by emotion and whatever happens to come to mind. If you can picture talking to someone who is belligerent and only cares about themselves you would have a good idea why political approaches fail.

The only proven method so far is simply fight fire with fire. An overwhelming cleaning force is what is needed. Saddam Hussein had the right formula, and that formula is to simply be the bigger monster. That is not a political approach, but it has proven to be the only effective approach. So as much of a Tyrant as Saddam was, he did show the rest of the world the way to deal with terrorist and insurgents. This is the only template that has worked since this whole thing started decades ago.

Because of this, it is unlikely any conflict today or in the future will be resolved with words. That simply means to beat the enemy you must become the enemies nightmare.

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