Thaksin name games

Discovering That Thaksin was using different names in his stack of passports was news but yet not unexpected. Typically criminals do try to hide their identity to avoid capture.

Reading between the lines, this simply says Thaksin’s life is no where near as rosy as he tries to make it out to be. He is doing what common criminals do by pretending to be something else. This is nothing new anyways, as cases in the court pertaining to Thaksin’s billions have the same situation being what is on paper does not match reality. Simply Thaksin lies regularly about nearly everything. If he were Pinocchio he would have a nose miles long by now.

The name change now has other problems. It will be very easy to put an end to the royal pardon petition if you think about it and there would be little fuss that could be kicked up by pro Thaksin protesters. Thaksin changed his name so very simply the petition is invalid.

Looking into the true life of Thaksin you will find that nearly 100% of his waking time is involved in buying and manipulating people. So changing his name on passports is just part of that game.

How this will play out amongst his lesser educated supporters remains to be seen. Certainly it will make them think as to why Thaksin is doing that. No matter what they finally conclude it most certainly  will be more negative. The first obvious thought would be if he is accepted by heads of state as he claims, why does he need to hide who he is? When you couple that with his traitor image you can start to see popularity erosion on the logical thinking level even in the lesser educated.

This exposes the key to finally root Thaksin’s support out. Loss of image and face, coupled together with a new and better source of prosperity and Thaksin will simply be a memory no less significant than a wonderful meal.

This also invites the ‘Give Thaksin a Name’ game. It is easy to play and most certainly will be a popular drinking game. After all Thaksin himself has given people the idea. So aside from names that portray his physical characteristics, there certainly will be a creative selection to be joked about. So Connecting the Dots asks what name would you give Thaksin?

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