China spying to control

Surfing the Internet is a daily occurrence for nearly a billion people. Most places you visit just drop a cookie into your computer. But visit a server in China and you could easily get more than you bargained for.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that China likes to control it’s people. The once Chinese always Chinese position can be seen nearly every place you look. Taiwan is an independent state but China refuses to accept that. Chinese citizens that have moved to other countries and have become citizens of those countries for the most part are still Chinese. Their new passport is ignored and if they travel to China they must use their Chinese passport as China does not recognize the change of citizenship. Word is even the Pandas in Washington need go back now.

So let us consider that someone from China moves to another country, it will be a while before they pickup the language. So as a result and out of habit they will visit websites that they visited while living in China. When that happens the spying begins on that new computer. The government controlled server will place a bug program in the visiting computer. Virus scans will not find their bugs. The only way to find them is to poke around manually in your computer. But don’t expect to find them, they are well hidden except to the most computer savvy people. (There is a new multi billion dollar company waiting to be born)

The Chinese government bugs do everything you would expect to a person living in China. They see what you do, they read your private email by recording your keystrokes, and even listen in on your Internet phone calls. So don’t be a bit surprised if you are stopped at the Chinese border on your next visit to China if you said things they do not like. Another reason they insist on a Chinese passport.

The issue is simple, the Chinese government looks to extend it’s control to Chinese people beyond the borders of China. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression looks to be punished if not to the liking of the Chinese government.

The Chinese government servers are even busy here at Connecting the Dots. Google Translate has been busy night and day tending to translation requests of all our 700+ posts into Chinese. No other country at the moment is doing that. Russia was at it for a while but not to the extent of the Chinese. We even had to go and clear some translations out and reduce logging records parameters because we were getting close to our server disk space limit.

So the bottom line is if you are Chinese when you visit a server in China reading pages in Chinese, expect to be watched and Controlled by the Chinese government.

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