Republicans seem out of touch with reality

When you sit down and start to listen to the Republican party in the US, you hear them describing things in a way that has at the very least have hints of arrogance. The concept of the parties direction that was once a flower for many, seems to have grown into a weed sucking the life out of other things.

The goals of the republican party are sound as they have proven themselves over they years. However as nothing is perfect, flaws in logic do appear from time to time. Because of the growing population of the USA, actions taken by the government have a more significant effect on the planet either positive or negative both politically and environmentally. The same is true with other countries with significant populations. So environmental mistakes that were once absorbed by the planet now simply overwhelm it. It is this that the republicans seem to be ignorant about.

As you listen to scientist after scientist, you will hear them conclude that it is fossil fuel that is making the planet heat up. And with the republicans marriage to big companies that now are essentially toxic to both the prolonged economy and the planet, the saying love is blind comes to mind.

The new companies that are startup companies that will take us into the next era are the ones with the right green ideas and the right frame of mind. They are also the ones big companies are trying to squash.

It is clear to the big companies that the writing on the wall is very clear. What that writing says is they must change or go the way of the typewriter, but they can still see money in what they are doing so they resist change. The republicans have been assisting in that resistance, and that comes across as out of touch or arrogance.

Also taking a snapshot of who the republicans would potentially field for President in 2012, it does lead to some eye rolling by people that are tuned into reality. However this is way early and the field will most certainly change by 2012, but all the signs are there about being out of touch.

In this case the republicans must simply come to realize the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and it is not just an illusion.

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