Tiger Woods sexual behavior normal

What is being displayed by people reacting to the Tiger Woods scandal is not what is really going on in their heads. Any healthy man knows deep down inside he quite probably would do exactly the same thing Tiger Woods did. After all that is how nature put men together, men are physically evolved and driven to seek out multiple mates.

In a way this is all a charade to lend to the illusion that we humans can somehow override nature. Our society makes us cover up what is really going on in out heads. Mating and reproducing is the primary function of every species on the planet being mammal, reptile or whatever. Essentially it is the purpose of life, and Tiger woods is being chastize for aiming his #1 driver at the hole.

Women on the other hand are not put together with the same sexual drive as men, so they tend to see things another way. To that we simply say, take a look at the 1960’s when the birth control pill was introduced. Very simply the sexual revolution was born because the risk of unwanted babies was for the most part eliminated. That overt sexual behavior of society as a whole was only curbed by the discovery of a virus known as HIV that simply meant Game over.

That is the reason everyone takes note when somehow sex is involved and why sex in advertising sells. It is the fascination with Tiger’s sexual activity that is making this a media frenzy. It is being covered  because it will sell newspapers, magazines and pump up ratings on TV programs that are covering the topic.

In a way what is going on is not unlike what drove Michael Jackson to seek heavy duty sedatives to help him sleep and ultimately lead to his premature death. Those allegations were also driven by alleged sexual behavior and by our own predisposition to be triggered by anything that is remotely related to sex.

Now Connecting the Dots does fully expect some rebuttal to this and we look forward to putting on display their hangups about normal sexual behavior as they contact us. In short we expect for someone to accuse us of being sexually abnormal and politically incorrect. That should be about the same time we will need to upgrade our web hosting package to accommodate the additional traffic.

So getting back on topic of Tiger Woods, this is a personal issue he needs to sort out with his family. The countless thousands of women who would love to go for a test drive with Tiger will remain as they too are being driven by their sexual desires. But that fact will be over looked by the media as it is a desire and not yet a done deed. The actual number of women Tiger has had sex with is only known to Tiger. As women continue to work at seducing him, nature will continue to take it’s course, and we are likely to discover there are many more than 18 holes involved in Tiger’s course.

One Response to Tiger Woods sexual behavior normal

  1. Q: Why did Tiger bed so many women?

    A: Every golfer is looking to try to get that hole in one.


    Q: When is a tiger not a tiger?

    A: When it’s a cheetah.